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Trophy queen / トロフィークィーン

TROPHY QUEEN(トロフィークィーン)は2000年にカリフォルニアのデザインアーティスト、ジェニー・ターナーによって創立されました。



また、世界中の数多くのホットロッド、バイク、ロカビリーやタトゥーイベントに参加しイベントに参加していない時は1946年製ハーレーデビッドソン フラットヘッドを満喫し、1934年製フォードトラックの調整に勤しんでいる。

Trophy Queen was founded in 2000 by California native Jenny Tanner. Jenny’s passion for hot rods and vintage motorcycles, along with her training in auto upholstery inspired her to create a line of accessories that would carry out the hot rod / kustom kulture theme. In order to fine tune her skills, and broaden her horizons Jenny later went on to graduate in 2006 from FIDM (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles and obtained her Apparel Manufacturing Degree.

Today, Jenny and her talented staff continue to produce high quality original products with outstanding customer service while remaining a trend setter in the fashion, hot rod and kustom kulture scene. You will find Jenny vending at dozens of hot rod, motorcycle, rockabilly, and tattoo events throughout the world. And when not on the road traveling, Jenny enjoys her 1946 Harley Davidson and is working hard to get her 1934 Ford Truck on the road.

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